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(20 N – 7.000.000 N)

Since 1975 Fahlke has offered a comprehensive selection of actuators for your automation projects.


Innovative Fahlke HLAZ® linear actuators give our customers safe and reliable valve automation. For simple open/close processes, regulating processes or for opening and closing intrinsically safe valves.

Fahlke HLAZ® linear actuators are available for onshore, offshore and subsea applications, and can be combined with every Fahlke or third-party hydraulic control unit.

Fahlke HLAZ® linear actuators are available in 8 actuator sizes from A – H, which cover a valve force range from 100 N to 7,500,000 N.

All Fahlke linear actuators are non-corrosive and are designed for a long service life and maintenance-free operation. The linear actuators are explosion-proof, dust-proof and waterproof, and designed in accordance with IP68.

The innovative adapter system allows extremely fast and easy mounting of Fahlke hydraulic linear actuators on your valve.