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At Fahlke you will always find the right actuator for your valve. For the automation of valves Fahlke offers actuators with a torque range from 1 to 1.000.000 Nm and for the automation of linear valves with forces from 1 to 7.000.000 N.

Fahlke actuators are available for all pneumatic, gas or hydraulic applications, as well as custom designs according to your specifications. For intrinsically safe applications, hand wheels or spring cylinders with multiple spring technology are used. These high-quality products are durable and waterproof in accordance with IP68. Fahlke actuators are approved in accordance with all relevant directives such as SIL and ATEX, and fulfill all explosion protection classes. Fahlke also offers diverse control systems, custom tailored for your application and manufactured for you at our factory in Germany to ensure outstanding quality.


Fast and efficient. In high quality. Safe all round.