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(20 N – 7.000.000 N)

Since 1975 Fahlke has offered a comprehensive selection of actuators for your automation projects.


The Fahlke EHLAZ® Eco is the most individual electro-hydraulic actuator unit currently available. The modular technology (MCE) in the control unit ensures maximum compactness, user friendliness and operational capability. The individually configurable EHLAZ® Eco ensures perfect process adaptation and therefore the ideal automation solution.

You have the choice between numerous components for integration in the control unit, such as solenoid valves, hand pumps, pressure pilots and line break detection systems. For all standard or regulating processes of your valves or for high- and low-pressure protection, differential pressure controls can be integrated in your automation process. Fahlke EHLAZ® Eco control units and actuators are the leaders with respect to power consumption and handling. Together with custom process adaptation this is the key for the safe automation of your systems in a force range up to 1,000,000 N.

  • Double-action (fail safe close / fail safe open / fail in position)
  • Spring return (SR)
  • Control cabinet and oil tank of non-corrosive and UV-resistant material
  • Terminal box connection (IP65)
  • Pipe-free high-pressure control block technology (max. 800 bar)
  • High-pressure accumulator for up to 3 reserve actuator strokes
  • Emergency actuation by means of integrated hand pump
  • Local and remote operation (open / closed, off)
  • Central fault indication (oil level, motor circuit breaker)
  • System pressure monitoring (KTI) with pressure indicator
  • Motor rating: max. 1.5 kW, solenoid valves: max. 20 W
  • Control voltage: 24 V DC / 110 / 220 V DC // 115 / 230 V AC
  • Power supply: 400 V AC / 24 V DC // 115 / 230 / 380 V AC
  • Signaling of end positions (open / closed) or the exact position by means of potentiometers
  • IP rating of actuator: IP68, control unit: IP65
  • Temperature range: -60 ° C to +70 ° C
  • ESD function
  • Pressure pilot monitoring (high pilot / low pilot)
  • Line break system (pneumatic / electronic)
  • Control unit for separate mounting
  • Galvanic insulation for cathode-protected pipeline
  • Oil fill level limit switch (SIL 2)
  • Well-head pressure monitoring with min. alarm message
  • Mechanical end position signaling
  • Profibus DP or Modbus interface
  • Accumulator safety group / maintenance unit for hydraulic pressure accumulator