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für Drehmomente von 500 bis 4.500 Nm

für Drehmomente von 4.000 bis 25.000 Nm

Scotch-Yoke Antrieb, 90°


Actuator Specifications

Actuator Specifications

  1. All double acting actuators shall be of the balanced scotch yoke design and be capable of having a torque output at both the start and end position (0 and 90 degrees) of at least 1,6 times than the minimum torque output.

    Spring or bladder equipped actuators shall be of the balanced scotch yoke design (hydraulic ending and spring ending as well, as hydraulic start and spring start shall have comparable torque output values).

  2. The actuator shall be IP 67. That means perfect sealed (watertight) and tight to atmospheric corrosive gases and airborne abrasive water or dust. The housing shall have all connection screws from below that there is no possibility of water standing and corrosion into the screw holes. The housing must be grease filled for absolute corrosion protection.

  3. Power cylinders shall be mounted into the actuators by an intake system that there is, after installation the possibility to turn the cylinder clock- or anti clockwise into every position without new factory machining, in case of finding a better installation position of the hydraulic/air/gas- supply tubes.

    The cylinders must have the possibility to be removed or turned easily. Actuators which are combined with a power cylinder and spring cartridge shall be easy changeable, also later from fail close into fail open and vice versa if needed.

    Power cylinder shall be fully welded, inside electroless nickel-plated and of material ST 52.0, they shall be pressure tested 1.5 times higher than the working pressure.

  4. The actuator shall utilize permanently lubricated, high performance yoke trunnion and piston rod bearings.

  5. All seals and bearings shall be sized and material selected to provide maximum service life and temperature range.

  6. All bearing surfaces, including cylinder, piston rods and yoke shall be treated to provide a durable, self-lubricating, corrosion and wear resistant surface.

  7. The actuator housing shall be of material GGG 40 cast good for a temperature range of -60 up to +80° C, permanently lubricated factory approved for zero preventative maintenance.

    The housing shall be sand blasted in accordance to SA 2,5 and coloured with two component zinc coat min. 60 my and ?Titalin? top coat min. 100 my good for a time of 15 years.

  8. All tubes, fittings and cylinder end stops shall be type 316 stainless steel.

  9. The actuator end stops shall provide accurate adjustment and shall be located into the cylinders where the forces were produced to prevent from bending moments into the housing, scotch yoke arm and seals.

    They shall be friction-locked to prevent changes due to vibration and impact loads, and be sealed positively.

  10. Bi-directional end stops shall be part of the cylinder allowing 80 degrees to 100 degrees total travel adjustment.

    These stops shall be in the position to stall the maximum cylinder torque output.

  11. The actuator shall be equipped with an adapter flange and a drive sleeve which enables later, if needed turning the actuator in 90 degree steps on top of the valve to get the best mounting position.

  12. All torque outputs shall be minimum values. Torque testing and certification in accordance with approved test procedures and Q.A. process must be available on request.

  13. The housing shall have a safety valve and the extension shall have a vent system for protection against positive pressure.

  14. The position indicator shall be visible well from vertical or horizontal position also to have valve position indication.