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Fahlke presents the new SEHAZcompact, SEHAZeco and the Fahlke ICMDisplay

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for torques from 500 to 4.500 Nm

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Gas Unit

GAZ - Gas Unit

Modern, reliable quality to safely automate your 1"-60" valves and torque output from 10 – 330,000 Nm 

Fahlke supplies literally hundreds of gas actuator versions and controls for standard open and safety shut applications, regulating or customer-specific designs. The actuator units are available with, for example, multiple spring safety technology, emergency hand pumps or integrated line break detection systems. The actuator units are supplied with either over or underpressure controls switched by pressure limit valves for pipeline security or simply with solenoid valves for open and shut operation. Thanks to their fully welded cylinder technology and the quality of their controls, Fahlke gas actuators operate at the direct pipeline pressure without the need for pressure reduction. This results in significantly smaller, maintenance-free actuator units, that are easier to handle. Safety is assured thanks to the fully welded, maintenance-free cylinder technology which requires no stud bolts, tie bars or similar components, making cylinder leakage problems a thing of the past. All Fahlke double action or spring-loaded actuators are grease filled and maintenance-free as well as being watertight in accordance with IP68. These technologies combined with the special Fahlke valve adaptors allow Fahlke actuators to be mounted on any 90° valves in minutes.

Control design

Fahlke is the only company which manufactures and offers both actuators and controls from a single source. The modular control technology, MCE, manufactured by Fahlke allows precise controls to be designed to perfectly comply with automation requirements. All types of active control elements can be integrated with, for example, hand pumps, line break detection systems, differential pressure valves or high and low pressure valves, solenoid valves, throttles together with numerous other options. For more information, please refer either to the Fahlke MCE modular control technology or consult your local authorized Fahlke representative.

Controller design