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Electrohydraulic actuators and controls

Fahlke is the only manufacturer who designs and produces extremely compact electro hydraulic actuator units, characterized by their extraordinarily high levels of safety and flexibility together with their absolute environmental friendliness.

The decisive difference: variable torque

With the SEHAZ, GEHAZ, DEHAZ and EHAZ product lines the user receives the world’s most modern series of actuators to automate his valves. The option of being able to vary the torque adjustment finally ensures the safety which must be expected from a unit when operating valves. The torque values of actuator systems such as pneumatic, gas or gas over oil are fixed at a given level by the system’s design. This can results in risks and significant disadvantages.

Valves which operate day-to- day do not maintain their torque values. Over time, these values can increase significantly due to valve wear. Other causes for increased fitting torque may be damages due to the media with which they inavitably come into contact or operationally related processes such as long downtimes. In these cases, previously defined safety margins are usually inadequate with regard to torque / power transfer.

With its SEHAZ, GEHAZ, DEHAZ and EHAZ series of electro hydraulic actuators, Fahlke Control Systems offers a solution to the problem of safe valve operation.

The user is optimally equipped, even in case of emergencies:

  • Each Fahlke actuator is equipped with an independent electro hydraulic system which allows the torque value to be adjusted (higher/lower).
  • The actuator is equipped with up to four backup safety systems.
  • Even in cases of complete power failure – including over longer periods of time – the valves can continue to be automatically opened and closed using stored energy – also multiple times and this for valve sizes ranging from 1" to 60"!

The Fahlke line of actuators impresses thanks to its compact size which is not achieved by other manufacturers, its extremely low weight and a level of quality which is practically unmatched.