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for torques from 500 to 4.500 Nm

for torques from 4.000 to 25.000 Nm

scotch-yoke actuator, 90°


Fahlke spring return actuator example:

The following illustration shows the inside of a Fahlke spring return (SR) actuator: The main parts are spring cartridge (left), actuator housing (mid) and working cylinder (right). For multi-spring technique see Fahlke SSV units.

FAHLKE actuator end stops are situated in the cylinder center and will take high thrusts without distorsion.

  1. FAHLKE actuator spring cartridges are fitted with slide bearings to ensure smooth running of the cylinder.
  2. FAHLKE spring cartridges increase safety for the actuator valve unit because of short operating times.
  3. FAHLKE split housing facilitates variable mounting of acting cylinders and emergency operation components at the integrated grooved ring even after putting into operation.
  4. FAHLKE actuator housing is filled with a special grease ensuring lubrication of all moving parts inside the housing. Any danger of corrosion to the moving parts is averted.
  5. The actuator housing is equipped with FCS safety valve to relief over pressure (not shown in this illustration).
  6. FAHLKE lever slide blocks are made of a special brass.
  7. The actuator lever is supplied with FCS bearing bushes that guarantee smooth running and withstand high thrust.
  8. FAHLKE seals on the lever make use the actuator under extreme environmental conditions possible.
  9. FAHLKE cylinder sleeves, plunger, and bottoms are chemically nickel-plated to avoid corrosion by the operation fluid.
  10. FAHLKE actuator end stops of pneumatic, gas or hydraulic cylinders are covered with a protection cap.
  11. The FAHLKE actuator is IP68. For corrosion prevention the housing screws are fitted to the bottom of the housing.
  12. FAHLKE actuator housing is equipped with adapter holes for standard position switch and controls.
  13. FAHLKE actuators have a covered relief hole (not shown in this illustration) to prevent pressure building in the connection between valve and actuator in case of valve stem leakage.
  14. FAHLKE actuator lever is supplied with an octagonal connection that facilitates flexible adaption to every valve in connection with the actuator spool.
  15. FAHLKE adapter spool (not shown) will be equipped with the specified valve shaft trim.
  16. FAHLKE adapter flange is suited to the valve dimensions
  17. FAHLKE guide bearings of the piston rods are supplied with high-pressure proof sealings and special bearings.
  18. FAHLKE cylinders and emergency operating devices can be turned to any position because of the grooved ring.
  19. FAHLKE plunger guide bearings and sealings are designed for heavy-duty and maintenance free operation.

For detailed control specification please contact Fahlke Control Systems.