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for torques from 500 to 4.500 Nm

for torques from 4.000 to 25.000 Nm


scotch-yoke actuator, 90°

Actuator Specifications

Pneumatic actuators, gas actuators, hydraulic actuators, electro hydraulic actuators, gas over oil actuators from 10 - 330,000 Nm for 1“ to 60“ valves.

Fahlke offers the perfect solution to automate your processes in a single line of actuators for every application.

Our standard deliveries include the following actuators and controls:

  • Pneumatic actuators and controls
  • Gas actuators / gas over oil actuators and control
  • Electro hydraulic actuators (operating with either direct or alternating current)
  • Low temperature actuators down to temperatures of -60° C
  • SSV / SDV actuators and controls
  • Safety shut-down units (SSV) in accordance with newest DIN/EN 14382
  • Subsea actuators for depths of up to 250 m
  • Linear actuators for gate valves, globe valves etc. and controls
  • Special actuators and controls according to customer specifications
  • Complete assembly units (ball valves installed and adjusted using one of the above-named actuators)

Seven actuator sizes in the torque range from 10 to 330,000 NM (higher torques on request)are available. The Fahlke actuator line covers all pressure ranges, all standard types for pneumatic, gas or hydraulic applications as well as individualized designs according to customer specifications.

For applications where safety is a concern, Fahlke offers piston or bladder accumulators for spare strokes, hand pumps, hand wheels and multiple spring technology, or solar and battery power supplies.

Naturally, all Fahlke actuators are maintenance and corrosion free and are fully impermeable to water in accordance with IP 68.

Fahlke also offers matching controller systems which have been tailor-made to your precise specifications, developed using the latest technology and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Our actuators fit on any valve

Fahlke actuators can be mounted on any valve. This is ensured by a flange and adaptor system only available from us that allows any Fahlke actuator to be mounted in a matter of minutes. Which also permits subsequent retrofits on different valves.

Fahlke valve adaption is precisely manufactured according to the valve specification. This, in turn, allows Fahlke actuators to be set up very quickly on any valve.

Fahlke spring-loaded actuator

The figure illustrates an example of a Fahlke spring-loaded (SR) actuator: the primary components with the scotch yoke arm and the working cylinder (on the right) together with the spring container which is also available in multiple spring technology.

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