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Fahlke presents the new SEHAZcompact, SEHAZeco and the Fahlke ICMDisplay

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for torques from 500 to 4.500 Nm

for torques from 4.000 to 25.000 Nm

Subsea actuators

Fahlke has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing reliable subsea actuators, available for depths of up to 250 meters. Hundreds of Fahlke valve actuator units and controls based on customer specifications are already in place. From simple applications in areas subject to flooding up to platforms or subsea pipeline actuators, Fahlke offers automation units individually manufactured according to customer specifications that have been tested in our own in-house subsea test chamber prior to delivery.

Subsea Actuator


  • Subsea valve controls
  • Platform ESD valves - subsea, riser or topside
  • Subsea ESD valves – double action, spring closing or spring opening
  • Subsea valves
  • Tanker anchorage system - PLEM shutoff
  • Double action actuators (torque: 10 – 330,000 Nm)
  • Spring loaded torque: 10 – 80,000 Nm
  • Hydraulic controls
  • ROV Units

Control design

  • ROV compatible actuator valve units with individual controls
  • Easily legible or palpable valve position indicators
  • Water-tight, customer specific limit switch solutions
  • Specially designed controls equipped with quick-release couplers for easy hydraulic coupling or separation of the supply for divers
Control Design

Pressure test equipment

Pressure test facilities

Subsea pressure chamber test for actuator valve units to a depth of 250 meters. 

Fahlke actuators are designed for long-term use for up to 30 years. They are manufactured to comply with the highest standards. In order to ensure proper operation under even the most extreme conditions, every actuator valve unit destined for delivery to a customer is tested in an subsea test chamber.