Central controls

Quality and safety for your multiple valve automation.

Whether electrohydraulic or pneumatic – the individually configurable central controls from Fahlke offer the safe single or central control of a number of controlled actuators.



With Fahlke central controls, you can automate any number of valves with just one central control unit, such as in the case of cavern head controls: USSV (underground safety shutdown valve), master valve and wing valve.


Functionality, quality and safety are the focus of the Fahlke ZEH central control, which operates with control pressures up to 1000 bar.


Fahlke ZEH units have been used worldwide for decades by all important energy providers.

Technical data

  •  Control of any number of actuators with only one centralized control
  •  Complete process automation (cavern head control)
  •  Control cabinet made of stainless steel (IP66)
  •  Operating medium: Hydraulic oil or compressed air
  •  Temperature range: -60°C to +60°C


  •  Pressure limit valve – monitoring (e.g. high pilot / low pilot)
  •  ESD / HIPPS
  •  Line break detection (pneumatic/electronic)
  •  Control cabinet with thermal insulation
  •  Heating, thermostat-controlled
  •  Galvanic separation / cathode protection (on request with isolating spark gap)
  •  Profibus DP / Modbus o.a.
  •  Control of underground safety shutdown valves (USSV)
  •  Integrated pressure intensifier up to 1000 bar
  •  Control of master valve and wing valve in correct process sequence