We produce finished SKID modules according to customer specifications, engineer, build and test in consultation with the customer at our factory in Rotenburg.

SKID modules represent a sub-process of the entire system such as control or filter systems.

We offer, for example, SKID modules with the following functions

  • Regulating of gas pressures
  • Filtering of gases
  • Measurement of flow rates
  • Protecting system areas
  • Automated valve groups


The finished SKID module is supplied as a complete system which is fitted within the frame. The compact design reduces transport costs and provides easy handling as well as a short assembly time on site, thereby significantly reducing assembly costs.


Prior to delivery, FAT (factory acceptance tests) according to customer specification are conducted and documented accordingly by us.

All the way up to the integration on site by our service.


Our continuous quality assurance ensures the delivery of high-quality products as well as a timely order fulfilment.