Pioneering safety

Fahlke’s safety shutdown units (SSV) are used worldwide by operators in the gas industry for the independent by monitoring and protection of pressure ratings in pipeline systems. This innovative system is pioneering in terms of design, fields of application and technology.

Fahlke’s safety shutdown units provide perfect protection from an impermissible increase in pressure. This is ensured by the safety shutdown unit (SSV) certified according to DIN EN 14382 and consisting of a solid drilled ball valve with a spring-closing actuator and control unit with pressure monitoring.


The advantages: The system is piggable. This eliminates the need for an expensive bypass. The two independent seals of the SSV ball valve ensure secure closure of the pipeline without leakage. Due to the double sealing system, according to the directive, only one SSV is necessary. The integrated high-precision AG 1 pressure limit valves for monitoring the preset switch-off pressure make it possible to maximize the utilization of your line.


Fahlke provides a ready, tested valve unit with type examination certificate, which in comparison to conventional systems significantly reduces construction and operating costs.


  • Scotch yoke actuator made of cast steel, split housing, waterproof IP68, maintenance-free
  • Spring container with multiple spring technology, steel completely welded
  • High-pressure gas cylinders, steel, completely welded, interior surface nickel-plated
  • Control
  • Stainless steel control cabinet, AISI 304, IP55
  • Control in leak-proof MCE control block technology
  • N2 miniature measuring connection for emergency supply
  • Gas preparation via filter and dryer
  • Input pressure regulator and two safety valves
  • 2 x high pilots, switching when increasing, accuracy 1% (AG 1), SIL 2
  • 1 x low pilot, switching when dropping, accuracy 2.5% (AG 2,5), SIL 2
  • Test valve with safety manual shut-off valve
  • High-pressure quick vent with bleeder according to DVGW G 442
  • Pipework and fittings of mat. AISI 316

Ball valve

  • Completely welded, full bore
  • Gas design according to DIN EN 14382
  • Primary metallic and secondary soft sealing (PMSS)
  • Fire-safe design in accordance with BS 6755
  • Anti-static design
  • Double Block and Bleed
  • Trunnion mounted
  • Sealant injection for seat rings and switch spindle
  • Drain and venting line
  • Stand and lifting lugs
  • Wear- and maintenance-free
  • Fully piggable
  • On both sides with connection cable and shut-off valve for control gas supply
  • EC type examination
  • CE marking of the component
  • Tests according to 3230 part 5 PG 3 and EN 14382
  • Material test certificates according to EN 10204-3.2


  • Solenoid valves for ESD function and/or operational actuator stroke
  • Signalling of triggering of the pilots
  • Heating, thermostat-controlled, max. 100W, 230 V AC
    (115 V AC + 24 V DC on request)
  • Ball valve with stem extension for subsurfa installation