Your pipeline can be protected even without power supply


With the Fahlke MHLAZ®, your pipeline can be protected against overpressure, underpressure or line breaks even without power supply.

This is how the system works

Pressure is built up in the pressure accumulator with the integrated Fahlke hand pump. Herewith, you can automatically move your valve up to three times. Thus, a power supply on site is not necessary.


The line can now be monitored with an integrated pressure pilot and, as needed, automatically move to the failsafe position. Alternatively, the Fahlke MHLAZ®-SR can be used, which moves your valve by spring force in the failsafe position you predefined.


Furthermore, solenoid valves for automation and remote control of your valve can be integrated in the control. Manual operation on site is also possible.


The system is built in the tried and tested Fahlke modular technology (MCE) and is thus leak-proof and provides a maximum of compactness, user friendliness and operability. With the individually combinable hydraulic Fahlke MHLAZ® control units nothing stands in the way of the perfect safety device.


You have a choice among numerous components, which can be integrated such as solenoid valves, pressure limit valves, line break detection systems for all standard or control processes of your valves or for high and low pressure protection; differential pressure controls can also be integrated.