Leading, innovative, maintenance-free


For over 40 years, the innovative Fahlke HAZ® actuators offer our clients 100% safety for their valve automation, whether for simple open-close processes, regulating processes or for opening or closing of safety-related valves.


Fahlke HAZ actuators exist for onshore, offshore and subsea applications and can be combined, for example, with each Fahlke hydraulic control and are available in eight actuator sizes from A – H in the valve torque range from 10 to 1,200,000 Nm.


All Fahlke actuators distinguish themselves by their long service life, freedom from corrosion and maintenance. This is achieved by honed, completely welded and nickel-plated cylinders. All Fahlke actuators are explosion-proof and guaranteed dust- and waterproof for their entire service life according to IP68.


Thanks to their special adaptor system, Fahlke hydraulic actuators can be easily mounted on any 90° valve.