Linear gas actuator GLAZ®

Products for the safe automation of your gas line


Fahlke has hundreds of gas actuator versions and controls in its product range: standard open-close applications, regulating or customer-specific designs of 1″ – 60″ valves in the range of 10 – 1,000,000 N.


The GLAZ® linear actuators can be equipped with safety spring technology, emergency hand pump or integrated line break detection systems. The application in the high-pressure range is made possible by Fahlke MCE control block technology.


The Fahlke GLAZ® linear actuators are supplied with either high or low pressure controls, switched by pressure limit valves for pipeline protection or simply with solenoid valves for opening and closing operation.


Thanks to their completely welded cylinder technology and the quality of their controls, Fahlke GLAZ® linear actuators operate at the direct pipeline pressure without the need for pressure reduction. This results in significantly smaller, trouble-free working actuator units that are easy to handle. Safety is assured, thanks to the fully welded, maintenance-free as well as nickel-plated cylinder technology, which requires no stud bolts, tie bars or similar components, making cylinder gas leakage problems a thing of the past.


All Fahlke double-acting or spring-return GLAZ® linear actuators are maintenance-free and waterproof in accordance with IP68. These technologies and the special Fahlke valve adaptors allow an installation on any linearly driven valves within a short period of time.

Technical data

  • Double-acting (failsafe close / failsafe open / fail in position)
  • Spring force return (SR) (failsafe close / failsafe open)
  • Control cabinet made of stainless steel
  • Connection terminal box (IP65)
  • Pipe-free high-pressure control block technology (max. 200 bar)
  • Control voltage: 24 V DC / 110 / 220 V DC // 115 / 230 V AC
  • Signalling of the end positions or exact position by potentiometer
  • Actuator/gear protection class: IP68
  • Temperature range: -60°C to +70°C


  • ESD function
  • Pressure pilot monitoring (high pilot and/or low pilot)
  • Line break system (pneumatic/electronic)
  • Control for separate assembly
  • Galvanic separation from the cathode-protected pipeline
  • Mechanical end position signalling
  • Profibus DP or Modbus interface card