Gas over oil actuators


Fahlke GHAZ®II

gas over oil actuators are used worldwide in numerous variants by all leading gas providers for standard open-close applications as well as safety-related applications. They are always used when a safe automation is required.


GHAZ®II actuators work without pressure reduction due to their completely welded, high-quality workmanship of the operating cylinders. This allows the direct pipeline pressure to be used. This results in compact and easily mountable automation units.


GHAZ®II actuators are supplied with high or low-pressure controls. These can be equipped with solenoid valves for easy open-close operation to pressure pilots or line break detection systems for pipeline protection.

Technical data

  • Torque range from 10Nm to 1.000.000Nm
  • Actuator double-acting (failsafe close / failsafe open / fail in position)
  • Actuator single-acting – spring closing or opening (failsafe close / failsafe open)
  • Signalling of the end positions
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Actuator protection class: IP68
  • Explosion-proof
  • Temperature range: -60°C to +80°C


  • Hand pump for emergency operation
  • Pressure pilots
  • Partial stroke test (PST)
  • Rapid ESD actuator strokes
  • Pneumatic line break detection system
  • Electronic line break detection system





TI GHAZ (China)