The most compact explosion-proof electrohydraulic actuator

The extremely small and high-performance GEHAZ® Eco by Fahlke is an integral part of the worlds most modern actuator series for valve automation. Our low-cost electric hydraulic automation can be mounted on any valve, has variable torque and is explosion-proof Ex II 2G Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb.

The GEHAZ® Eco requires only 1/10 of the energy at the same torque output compared to an electric actuator.


Due to its extraordinarily compact size, it is perfectly suitable for smaller valves (e.g. butterfly and ball valves) on which it can be mounted quickly and easily. Furthermore, in terms of cost-effectiveness, the small electrohydraulic actuator unit certainly does not disappoint: It convinces with absolute reliability, low installation and operating costs.


GEHAZ® Eco in detail

Technical data

  • Double-acting (fail in position) or
    Spring force return (SR), opening / closing
  • Pressure-resistant control housing (IP67)
  • Integrated signalling of the end positions (open/close)
  • Single-hand operable multifunction switch (local/remote, open/close)
  • Motor rated output: 90 W
  • Solenoid valve for spring-return design
  • Power supply: 24 / 110 V DC, 110 / 230 / 400 V AC
  • Integrated reversing circuit: 24 V DC or 230 V AC
  • Actuator/gear protection class: IP68
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
  • Biodegradable operating media Fahlke Eco Fluid 4870


  • Integrated explosion-proof Fahlke Profibus DP module
  • Connected via Profibus DP / Modbus / Foundation Fieldbus, etc. possible

Model overview

  • Here you will find the matching GEHAZ® Eco for your valve automation.


* If your torques are outside of the values given in the list, please look at the next larger electrohydraulic unit Sehaz®.
Type Torque range
GEHAZ double-acting
GEHAZ-A-1-50 20 – 200
GEHAZ-B-1-50 50 – 1.000
GEHAZ-C-1-80 500 – 4.500
GEHAZ-D-1-125 4.000 – 20.000
GEHAZ single-acting  / spring-return
GEHAZ-A-1-50-SR 20 – 150
GEHAZ-B-1-50-SR 50 – 700
GEHAZ-C-1-80-SR 500 – 3.000
GEHAZ-D-1-125-SR 3.000 – 10.000