Ehlaz® Eco – an electrohydraulic actuator unit made to measure

As individual as your requirements

Fahlke is offering with the EHLAZ® the most individual electrohydraulic actuator units that are currently available. The modular technology (MCE) in the control ensures the highest level of compactness, user friendliness and operating ability. With the completely individually configurable EHLAZ® electrohydraulic control units nothing stands in the way of perfect process adaptation and therefore ideal automation, right up to central hydraulic controls for multiple actuator controls, SSV or any other type of safety shutdown units. You have a choice among numerous components which can be integrated in the control such as solenoid valves, hand pumps, pressure limit valves, line break detection systems for all standard or control processes of your linear valves or for high and low pressure protection; differential pressure controls can also be integrated for your automation. The Fahlke EHLAZ® controls and actuators are leaders with regard to power consumption and handling. With the individualized process adaptation and many other advantages, it represents the key to the safe automation of your systems in a force range of up to 1,000,000 N.

Technical data

  •  Double-acting (failsafe close / failsafe open / fail in position)
  •  Spring force return (SR)
  •  Control cabinet and oil tank are made of corrosion-free and UV-resistant material
  •  Connection terminal box (IP65)
  •  Pipe-free high-pressure control block technology (max. 800 bar)
  •  High-pressure accumulator for up to 3 reserve actuator strokes
  •  Emergency actuation via integrated hand pump
  •  Local and remote control (open/close, off)
  •  Collective fault message (oil level, motor protection switch)
  •  System pressure monitoring (KTI) with pressure gauge
  •  Motor rated output: max. 1.5 kW, solenoid valves: max. 20 W
  •  Control voltage: 24 V DC / 110 / 220 V DC // 115 / 230 V AC
  •  Power supply: 400 V AC / 24 V DC // 115 / 230 / 380 V AC
  •  Signalling of the end positions (open/close) or exact positioning with potentiometer
  •  Actuator protection class: IP68, control: IP65
  •  Temperature range: -60°C to +70°C


  •  ESD function
  •  Pressure pilot monitoring (high pilot and/or low pilot)
  •  Line break system (pneumatic/electronic)
  •  Control for separate assembly
  •  Galvanic separation from the cathode-protected pipeline
  •  Oil fill level limit switch (SIL 2)
  •  Accumulator pressure monitoring with min. alarm message
  •  Mechanical end position signalling
  •  Profibus DP or Modbus interface
  •  Accumulator safety group / maintenance unit for hydraulic pressure accumulator