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Line break detection systems

Fahlke carries two different types of line break detection systems in its product line.

One pneumatic and one electronic: each system offers the user absolute security of immediately and automatically moving all affected valve actuators to their emergency positions in order to avoid serious damage or accidents in case of line breaks in the pipelines.

The pneumatic LBC is integrated directly in the Fahlke (MCE) actuator controls or, if desired, can be provided separately in its own housing. Using the connecting line to the pipeline the LBC continuously measures the line pressure and immediately switches the valve actuator in the predetermined area to its safety position in case of a pressure loss in the pipeline, thus preventing any additional line medium from exiting the system.

The electronic LBC is equipped with display, warning and transfer options as well as having a battery backup. It measures the line pressure in the pipeline using pressure transmitters, detects and transfers errors and uses so little power that it can also be optionally powered by a small solar panel. As is the case with the pneumatic system, it immediately switches all connected actuators to their safety setting in case of a fluctuation in the pipeline.