Fahlke delivered manual and electro hydraulic central control units for controling already existing actuators

Due to reconstruction of the existing pipeline...


Der Fahlke HAZ-SR

Fahlke Antrieb HAZ-SR ist ein...


The new monitoring system for your pipeline

The new Fahlke electronic line break system...

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Fahlke Control Systems

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Fahlke Control Systems is the specialist among actuator manufacturers. Our products are characterized by their high quality, economy and fast delivery times. Whether it’s a simple open/close process, regulators or complete safety shutdown units (SSV) based on the latest DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) guidelines. Fahlke produces actuators operated by pneumatic, gas, gas-over-oil or hydraulic controls, all essentially assembled using our in-house, leak-free Module Control Engineering (MCE) technology. Fahlke Control Systems offers the leading technical electrohydraulic actuator units whose variable torque and extremely compact construction point the way to automation. Right up to special solutions for underwater applications or -60°C low temperature actuator units for permafrost regions.

Fahlke Control Systems has the right automation program for the automation needs of the world’s energy providers.

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