With our mobile service fleet, we are able to guarantee fast and professional service worldwide. Our goal in this respect is to make your processes more efficient and cost-effective. Our trained staff will not only advise you but take care of the complete maintenance and inspection of your automation units. All legally required test procedures can be carried out in compliance with all regulations through us. Also ask for the Fahlke maintenance contract. It offers all services to ensure functionality and safety of your systems.

Spare parts

Our warehouse has permanently up to 20,000 spare parts.

Our worldwide Fahlke service partners have a large spare parts stock available. This ensures fast delivery to every deployment location. As the only manufacturer of Fahlke products, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for all products for 20 years.


Your automation requirements have changed and your existing systems need to be brought up to date? Our experts will gladly advise you how your actuator and control units can be modified and adapted economically to the new requirements.


Our global Fahlke service provides fast repair work for your actuators and control units. We provide professional root cause analysis, determination of the scope of repair, verification of warranty or guarantee claims prior to performing all repair work by trained service technicians on-site.