90° SCOTCH YOKE Acuators

The Fahlke actuator concept. Pioneering technology.

A brief overview of the most important features

  • Compliance with DIN EN 60529/protection class IP 68 (protection against permanent immersion) by means of a special hook-on system/annular groove slot (interlocking slot for fully-welded working and spring cylinders in a two-part actuator enclosure made from resistant spheroidal graphite iron)
  • Protection against corrosion guaranteed by high-quality nickel coating of the cylinder liner running surfaces and working cylinder pistons
  • Secure sealing between pistons and cylinders by means of specially-developed sealing systems
  • Adjustable limit stops in order to directly capture the cylinder forces in a straight line and torsion-free in the cylinder base
  • Actuator enclosure maintenance-free throughout its entire lifespan
  • Precise position indicator for valves due to a mechanical position display, installed as standard

Standard functions:

  • 90-SY-GrafikDouble-acting open/closed
  • Single-acting spring-force locking
  • Single-acting spring-force opening
  • Double-acting regulating
  • Single-acting regulating, securing by spring

Actuator sizes and thrust forces:

A 20 – 200 Nm
B 50 – 1.00 Nm
C 1.000 – 4.500 Nm
D 4.000 – 25.000 Nm
E 20.000 – 80.000 Nm
F 70.000 – 150.000 Nm
G 140.000 – 300.000 Nm

Special designs up to 1,000,000 N